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Part-time field staff

Position title:  Part-time field staff
Position locations:  Statewide
Positions available:  5

The Education Minnesota part-time field staff program is designed for experienced local union leaders to use their knowledge and skills to assist field staff in the operations of Education Minnesota. The program will also provide training and experience opportunities to members who desire to move into staff work as a career. Part-time staff shall continue in their current employment while in this program. The work assignment consists of about 300 hours of Education Minnesota employment per year.

The part-time field staff positions will be assigned to field offices and a specific field staff mentor closest to their area of current residence.

Program function and duration 

  1. The part-time field staff assignments will include opportunities to work with a variety of locals, local leaders and state organization projects and programs. Assignments will include such areas as:
    • Membership recruitment and retention;
    • New hire and student programs;
    • Assisting locals with organizing for bargaining, negotiating contracts and administering contracts;
    • Organizing new education support professionals locals and training;
    • Local leader training and development;
    • Assisting with the development and implementation of Education Minnesota projects and activities;
    • Topic presentations to local leaders and members; and
    • Assisting locals with organizing for problem solving and planning.
  2. The duration of the part-time field staff assignment will be two years. Continuation of the assignment for year two is subject to a satisfactory year one performance review. Under special circumstances a part-time field staff could be reappointed for a third year. Such reappointment shall require the recommendation of the supervisor and approval of the Executive Director.
    • Part-time staff may terminate their employment with Education Minnesota upon thirty days written notice.
    • The executive director or designee may terminate part-time staff upon thirty days notice.
    • No part-time field staff shall be assigned to service a local in which she/he is employed.

Qualifications and requirements*

  1. Current active member of Education Minnesota.
  2. Experience in organizing local activities and programs.
  3. High degree of motivation, integrity and leadership.
  4. Demonstrated local leadership in bargaining, contract maintenance, member rights, political/legislative activities or professional issues.
  5. Ability to write and speak effectively.
  6. Ability to analyze and use research data.
  7. Ability to work long hours and meet deadlines.
  8. Work cooperatively with Education Minnesota leaders and staff.
  9. Commitment to and knowledge of Education Minnesota goals and issues.
  10. Availability for assignment after normal work hours, evenings and weekends.

*Must resign from all elected or appointed local and state positions if employed in the part-time field staff program and may not be a delegate to the Education Minnesota Representative Convention.  Part-time field staff may be elected as a delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly and AFT Convention. 

Direction and supervision
The overall direction and supervision of the part-time field staff is the responsibility of the director of field services and managers of field services.

Education Minnesota will compensate part-time field staff in accordance with the TEMPO/Education Minnesota contract.

Education Minnesota is an equal opportunity employer
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the following is provided: The position involves skills in critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, judgment, human relations, leadership, consulting, writing, planning, and organization; use of clear and articulate speech; use of computer keyboard, ability to travel by various conveyances, e.g., air, rail, auto; sitting for long periods of time, standing, stooping, bending, reaching, carrying materials (up to 5 lbs. and occasionally up to 25 lbs.).

Deadline:  All resumes must be received electronically or postmarked by April 10.

Please apply online or send resume to:

Education Minnesota
Attn: Human Resources
41 Sherburne Avenue
St. Paul, MN  55103

Education Minnesota is an affiliate of the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO.

Education Minnesota
41 Sherburne Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55103

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