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Debunking the Myths

The Myth of Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch, one of the nation's leading education analysts, exposes the flaws in Davis Guggenheim's movie, "Not Waiting for Superman."

Superhero School Reform Heading Your Way

An analysis of the latest education "reform" groups (PDF, 7 pgs., 888KB).

The Mathematics and Science Teacher Shortage: Fact and Myth

From the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (PDF, 45 pgs., 192KB).

Early Childhood Education

Early Education as Economic Investment

The National Council of State Legislatures finds that early education not only helps close the achievement gap but also spurs economic development.

Early Childhood: Economic Development, High Public Return

Access the ground-breaking research by Arthur Rolnick, former senior VP and research director, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank.

Early Childhood Ed. Perception Poll

Few Americans understand the "literacy gap" that disproportionately affects children from low-income homes (PDF, 2 pgs., 236KB).

Education Funding
Teacher Pay

Teacher performance pay alone does not raise student test scores

Vanderbilt University provides the results of the first scientific study of performance pay ever conducted in the United States.

Baltimore teachers pass landmark contract in 2nd vote

The new Baltimore contract will provide the chance to earn considerable pay increases while tying evaluations to student performance.

Teacher Quality

A Quality Teacher in Every Classroom

Creating a teacher evaluation system that works for California. Stanford University report (PDF, 56 pgs., 1.07MB)

Does Teacher Prep Matter? Certification, TFA and Effectiveness

Stanford University report (PDF, 32 pgs., 650KB).

Getting Teacher Assessment Right: What Policymakers Can Learn

A Penn State University study of the latest research.

Strong Performers, Successful Reformers: Lessons from PISA

Find out what's happening in Finland, China and Japan (PDF, 259 pgs., 2.07MB).

Transforming Teacher Education Through Clinical Practice

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education calls for a demanding, clinically based approach (PDF, 40 pgs., 2.56MB).

The Use of Value-Added Measures of Effectiveness in Policy, Practice

Can teachers be evaluated by their students' test scores? Should they be? NYU economist gives low grades to value-added teacher assessments.

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