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Tell Congress to invest in students! Support the American Jobs Act!

The president has proposed a bold jobs plan, the American Jobs Act, that will put Minnesotans back to work, put more money in the pockets of working Minnesotans and rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, including Minnesota public schools.

Here’s what President Obama's plan will do:

  • Invest $35 billion to prevent layoffs of up to 280,000 teachers, while supporting the hiring of tens of thousands more and keeping cops and firefighters on the job.
    • Minnesota would receive $504 million to support up to 6,900 educator and first responder jobs.
  • Invest $25 billion in school infrastructure that will modernize at least 35,000 public schools – investments that will create jobs, while improving classrooms and upgrading our schools to meet 21st century needs.
    • Minnesota would receive $275 million in funding to support as many as 3,600 jobs.
  • Invest $5 billion to modernize facilities at community colleges.
    • Minnesota would receive $87 million in funding in the next fiscal year for its community colleges.

To put this plan into action, we need your help.

Please contact your U.S. representative and senator and urge them to support the president’s American Jobs Act.

They need to hear from you that this money will keep educators on the job, and fix schools and colleges that need major repairs. This bill can make a world of difference for Minnesota students.

Education Minnesota is an affiliate of the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO.

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