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Are you ready? Teacher development and evaluation

What is required in the Minnesota statute?

  • Peer review process
  • Professional learning communities
  • Three-year review cycle
  • Individual growth and development plan
  • Summative evaluation by a qualified and trained evaluator
  • Coordinated staff development with evaluation process and outcome
  • Portfolio option
  • Growth data from assessments that are valid, reliable and aligned to standards
  • Longitudinal data on student engagement and connection
  • Teacher improvement process (TIP)
  • Discipline for teachers not making adequate progress in TIP

Optional components

  • Time during the day for peer coaching and collaboration
  • Mentoring and induction program

The education commissioner released the state plan in January 2013 after reviewing the task force recommendations. Selected districts will pilot the state plan during the 2013-14 school year. In 2014-15, all Minnesota districts must implement evaluation plans that meet the statutory requirements. Those districts that haven't adopted an agreed-upon local plan will implement the state plan.

How will the local and the school district agree to a local plan?

Local control teacher evaluation

Minnesota’s teacher development and evaluation law honors our long history of local control. Teachers and school districts can sit down at the table together and establish valid and effective research-based plans that meet the needs of their students, schools and communities. Local unions and school districts can:

  • Use the state plan.
  • Create a local plan that uses parts of the state plan and develop other parts to make a hybrid local plan.
  • Create a completely new local plan.

Local plans must be ratified by the general membership according to the local union's constitution and bylaws.

What we all believe in!
The strongest advocates for students are teachers who spend every day in the classroom! Teachers welcome valid and effective research-based evaluation that focuses on teacher growth and student learning, quality new-teacher induction, and peer review. Teachers are "can-do" people who make classrooms work with whatever resources they are given. However, quality teacher evaluation will require sustained and sufficient resources.

What we can do to get started
If you do not negotiate a local plan, you MUST use the state plan. Start talking to your school district now! Let your district know that you are ready to work together to research the state plan. Start planning how to create an evaluation plan that will work for your district.

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