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Metro West Governing Board RA Meeting

Thursday, April 25, 2019

EdMN Southwest Metro Office

7242 Metro Blvd, Suite 200

Edina, Minnesota   55439



Those in attendance:

Kay Carlson, Chair,  SLP

Melissa Benjamin, Vice-Chair,  Orono

Marti Zins, Treasurer,  Hopkins

Rose Korst, Secretary,  SLP

Chris Commers, Chaska

Shelli Sutterland, Chaska

Monica Byron, Richfield

Mark Broten, Minnetonka

Ann Hersman, Minnetonka

Paula Klinger, Hopkins

Chris Watkins, St. Louis Park

Anne Naumann, Wayzata

Adam Janiak, EdMN staff

Deb Johnson, EdMN staff

Beth Anderson, EdMN staff


Kay Carlson called the meeting to order at 5:34pm.


Agenda for tonight was approved. 


1.  Treasurer's report:  Marti Zins

     Balance:  $12,108.15    Savings balance:   $47,611.75

     Any local that wishes to claim reimbursement for local education/

     Training program please submit verification of your expenses. 

     Locals are eligible for reimbursement for up to $1000 , having spent   

     $20000 from their local funds. 

    MOTION:  Approve the treasurer's report

    Motion: Chris W       Seconded: Mark B



2.     IO Chairs Meeting Report:  Kay C

 IO grant (if approved at RC) will become part of the governing board and folded into their budgets.

Unaffiliated IOs have been assigned to an IO.   Hopefully this will be approved at the RC this coming weekend. 

IO Chairs will meet again second Saturday in June.


Monica Byron would like some feedback ahead of tomorrow's Education Minnesota Board meeting.  a)  As a result of the grant, to be able to offer relicensure meetings, etc. has really been encouraging as we try to empower locals for training.  The grant has really made this possible.  b)  Before the grants got going people felt there was a lack of success in providing members training.


3.     Board of Directors Meeting:  Monica B

Meeting tomorrow     

April 2 they tried a virtual meeting.  Overall it went okay. 

Topics:  RC, legislative funding, looking over agreements from Robbinsdale, St. Paul and Minneapolis to see what services they might want from EdMN. 

Get your TRA ballots or you can vote online.

Look at action items for RC.  Take a position.


4.     Council Chairs:  Melissa B.

Website is up to date


5.     Adam Janiak :  Action Rally is set for Saturday, May 18


         lunch is available for members if they register.

        MRA training       June 17 #1......July 16 #2

        Cultural Competency:  A new licensure requirement  In place 2020

                for license renewels  (Tier 1:  must do this yr)  

           PELSBE  only one offering training.  8 hrs long  Fee:  FREE

           Education Minnesota:  Key Numbers handout

           Center for the American Experience has sent out a letter

           disseminating incorrect information.  Beware.


           Deb and Adam went to Raleigh, North Carolina and worked on                    

           talking to people about the value of becoming a member.  The

           most important thing we have is PELRA.  It gives us the power to



6.     All Things Early Childhood Education:  see powerpoint handout

a)Goes by many names

b) Provided by teachers who are licensed by State of Minnesota

c) School Readiness (no licensed teacher required)

    School Readiness Plus (licensed teacher required)

d) Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (licensed teacher not required)

e)  It's all a matter of TEACHER LICENSING

f)  ECFE, ECSE and School Readiness Plus teachers are always in the statutory teacher bargaining unit.

g) There are 2 cases currently in court over this:  Hopkins and NSPMO cases

h)espite being rquired to hold a license, Tier 1, Tier 2, ECFE ad ABE teachers are specifically exempted from coverage under the continuing contract and tenure acts.


 a) ECFE, ECSE, and School Readiness Plus teachers are always in the statutory teacher bargaining unit.

 b) Other early chilhood education teachers are in the statutory teacher bargaining unit if the district re      uires a license for the position, unless they are Tier 1 licensed teachers.

 c) Currently, the only early chilhood educators covered b the continuing contract/tenure statutes are ECSE teachres.

 d) The appropriateness of other bargaining units is determined using the community of interest factors in PELRA.

7.     Sharing of Local Engagement

Ann H from Minnetonka:  Been working hard but still have 87 people not signed up.  A month of pizza with the President -going from building to building to meet with all teachers in the district.


Funding Request:

Ann would like to request $750 additional dollars to help with her plan of local engagement  in addition to the $1000 MWU provides.   The total check would be 1750.00


Moved:  Ann H       Seconded:  Anne N



              Monica B shared an instance in Richfield where she drafted a           

              letter with a gal who has decided to become a union member.


              Paula K talked about wanting a former student, then teacher ,

              and finally a president, now a retiree to come to Hopkins to



              Chris C. talked about how Chaska is trying to invite teachers of

              color to come and teach in their district.  Talking to paras who  

              would like to become teachers.  Paras are aware of the intention

              of the meetings they are invited to attend.  Growing your own



8.     Open Forum:

The election results from the RC will be posted Saturday morning.  Follow along with social media—tweeter,instagram, website.


Reminder:  No caucus breakfast for MWU


Any ideas for budget changes, please email Marti before the May meeting.


                   Correction to March Minutes:  Anne Naumann was in

                   attendance at the March meeting.




Moved:  Ann N     Seconded:  Shelli S



The meeting adjourned at 7:07pm.




Respectfully submitted,

Rose Korst








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