Metro West UniServ

An Education Minnesota intermediate organization


Metro West Governing Board RA Meeting

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Minneapolis Marriott West

9960 Wayzata Blvd

Minneapolis, Minnesota  55426



Those of Attendance:

Kay Carlson, SLP, President

Rose Korst, SLP, Secretary

Marti Zins, Treasurer

Ann Hersman, Minnetonka

Adam Tillotson, Wayzata

Chris Commers, ECCS

Shelli Sutherland, ECCS

Mike Harris, Richfield

Marc Doepner, Westonka

Monica Byron, Richfield

Mark Broten, Minnetonka


Marty Scofield

Nancy Cordes

Mary Mobeck

Don Sinner

Mary de Navin

Heather Mathews

Ken Shain

Ryan Fiereck

Joe Cerar

Denise Specht

Marty Fridgen

Joey Mathews

Bernie Burnham

Stephen Cove

Kevin Dahle

Michelle Wiese

Gretchen Oppriedit

Todd Andrix

Kim Pickers


Kay Carlson began the meeting by welcoming everyone and starting introductions.  She then turned the podium over to Mike Harris.



Governmental Relations Chair:  Mike Harris

Mike will introduce the candidates and each has 5 minutes to speak.


Candidate Todd Andrix—Education MN Vice President Candidate

     Owatonna Ed Association   High School Social Studies Teacher

     Has State Leadership and National    


     What is the biggest issue (or than money) for education today:   

     Recruiting and Retaining quality teachers.

     (See Flier for particulars)


Candidate Bernie Burnham—EdMN VP candidate

     Duluth Federation of Teachers     Elementary Teacher

     President of Local 692

     Committment and Passion, Good Communicator, Positive person,

     Collaboration, and Humility

     Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers


Candidate Joe Cerar for Ed MN VP Candidate

     Plainview, Elgin, Millville School District

     Social Justice and Racial Equity

     Political Advocacy

     Experienced Leadership

     State-Wide Representation

     Social Justice and Racial Equity is his top priority.  He also agrees

     with recruiting and retaining quality teachers.


Candidate Robin Courrier for EdMN VP Candidate

     Mankato Teachers Association

     Committment to:  Learners, Public Education and the Community,

              the Labor Movement, the Organization, Racial Equity and Social

             Justice,  and to the profession.

    Top priority:   Giving teachers the pay they deserve.



Candidate Kevin Dahle for EdMN VP Candidate

     Past President of Sebeka Ed Association   Civics Teacher

     Public voice  for unions and teacher ally

     Experienced contract negotiator

     Three decades of teaching and government service

     Proven coalition building

     Former Vice-Chair of Senate Education Committee

     Answer to question:

     Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers



Candidate Ryan Fiereck for EdMN VP Candidate

     St Francis VP and Lead Negotiator     K-5 Computer Tech Teacher

     Access to all members

     Diverse perspectives to the table 

     Top priority is freeing teachers from all the many ways they are

     being pulled in to getting back to education.


Candidate Ken Shain for EdMN VP

     Various positions in AFT and delegate to Representative Convention

     Top Priority is to defuse the Race issue . 



Candidate Don Sinner for EdMN VP

       President of Lakeville Local    

       Four Level Leadership: leader, IO President,  EdMN Governing

Board, NEA Board of    


      Top Priority Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers and Health



Candidate Michelle Wiese for EdMN VP

     Northrop Urban Environmental School 3rd and 4th grade

     EdMN Governing Board, President Minneapolis Federation of


     Top priority


Candidate Joey Mathews for NEA Director #2

     Believes his wide range of experience gives him a wide perspective in 

     order to advocate for, unite, and grow our profession

     Experience:  NEA, EdMN, VEA (Virginia Education Assn),DCU

     (Dakota County), LEA (Loudoun Ed Assn),


Candidate Marti Fridgen for NEA Director #1

     Serves on IO leaders


Candidate Marty Scofield for NEA Director

     Corrections Education Teacher

     Advance Racial Equity and Human Rights Issues

     Parity for Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Adult Basic

         Education (ABE) Educators



2019 Proposed Constitution


 Amendment A :  This proposal would amend Article IV (Officers) of the Constitution, by adding Section 3:  “Authority:  All three (3) officers shall have equal authority to access the organization's documents.”


 Amendment B:  This proposal would amend Article VII , Section 6 (Locals; Rebates) of the Constitution by adding:  “Any such service agreements in place a of April 1, 2019 shall be reviewed by Education Minnesota and the local or state affiliate at least every three years.”



2019 Proposed Bylaw Amendments


Amendment #1:  This proposal would amend Article I, Section I and Section 1.c.(Membership: Membership); Article V, Section 4 (Representative Convention; Delegates from EMSP and Education Minnesota Retired); Article VI, Section I.i. (Governing Board ; Composition); and Article X, Section 2.c.(Standing Committees; General Duties) of the Bylaws by striking “Student Program” or “EMSP” and inserting “Aspiring Educators” or “EMAE.”


Amendment #2:  This proposal would amend Article II, Section 3.a. (Dues and Assessments; Assessments) and Article XIII, Section 1. (Crisis and Settlement Organizing Fund Committee; Authority) of the Bylaws by deleting “Crisis and Settlement Organizing” and inserting “Organizing for Settlement” and striking “or crisis-level.”


Amendment #3:  This proposal would amend Article X, Sections 1,2,and 3 (Standing Committees; Composition ; General Duties; and CLP and the ESPCLP) of the Bylaws by eliminating all references to the ESPCLP as a separate committee and creating a merged Council of Local Presidents.


Amendment #4:  This proposal would amend Article X, Section 3 (Standing Committees; CLP and ESPCLP) of the Bylaws by adding 3.g.:  “Advise on issues related to collective bargaining, contracts and organizing .” and Article X, Section 5 (Standing Committees; Professional Advocacy Committee) by inserting “health and well-being”; striking “state-sponsored: from 5.b.; inserting a new 5.c.:  “Recommend topics for further study within the organization.”; and striking the existing 5.c., 5.d., and 5.e.


Amendment #5:  This proposal would amendArticle XI, Section 1 (Political Action Committee; Composition) of the Bylaws by adding two sentences: “The PAC Board shall also include one member appointed from EMAE and one from Education Minnesota Retired.  These two members will be non-voting members.”


At this point in the evening, our meeting covered regular MWU business.


1.     We would like to thank Taylor for setting up tonight's event.

2.     Adam Janiak, EdMN

Teacher Licensure   (see handout)

3.     Motion to accept 2018 RA minutes.

Moved:  Marc D.   Seconded:  Monica B.


4.     Treasurer's Report:  Marti Z.

A. All member dues are paid to date so all delegates cand be seated.

B.  Current checking balance is $2272.11 and savings balance is $52,610.48.

C.  MWU filed its 990N with the IRS.  It was accepted and the document was filed with Education Minnesota as required.

D.  All 1099 misc forms were mailed in January 2019 for the 2018 tax year and were reported to the IRS.

     Marti will be building the budget in May. 

     Please let her know any budgetary needs.

Motion to accept treasurer's report.   Moved:  Chris C 

Seconded:  Shelli S.


5.     Uniserv Chair Report:  Kay C.

  IO meeting – Legislative update.  There is lots of work to do

  Discussed the value of IO

  Reviewed Grant Process

  Fall drive ins put stress on EdMN staff

  No Caucus Breakfast at RA for MetroWest

6.       If anyone wants to bring business items forward see forms in packet. 

Thanks to all for coming.


          Motion to adjourn.  Moved:  Shelli S    Seconded:  Chris C

          MOTION:  PASSED


    Respectfully submitted,

    Rose Korst



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