Metro West UniServ

An Education Minnesota intermediate organization

May 2016


Metro West Governing Board Meeting
Thursday, April 27, 2017
ED MN Southwest Metro Office
7242 Metro Blvd, Suite 200

Edina, MN 55439
Those of Attendance:

Kay Carlson, SLP, President

Melissa Benjamin,Orono, Vice President

Rose Korst, SLP, Secretary

Marti Zins, Treasurer

Chris Watkins, SLP

Mike Nordeen, SLP

Chris Commers, Chaska

Anne Naumann, Wayzata

Shelly Sutherland, Chaska

Marc Doepner, Westonka

Jacques Youakim, Hopkins

Paula Klinger, Hopkins

Lynda Ihlan, Ed MN Field Staff

Sonia Labs, Minnetonka

Laurie Jensen, Orono

Monica Byron, Richfield

Ryan Redetzke, Richfield

Mary Supple, Richfield

Adam Janiak, EdMN Field Staff

Vanessa Pulkrabek, EdMN Field Staff

Beth Anderson,EdMN Field Staff

Kay Carlson called the meeting to order at 5:26pm.

1. Agenda Reordered.

2. Ryan Redetzke, New member on the PAC board. He represents MW

region so he will be attending our meetings. Members are discussing

dues increase. Some are for, some are against. With a dues increase,

we would be looking at being able to target certain races in the next

election. We will continue to support and promote teachers statewide

and locally. Plans for the 2018 elections will begin at their June


3. Negotiations: Thanks to all negotiators who came this evening.

Marc Doepner opened with two things: a) We put together a

negotiations manuel for the MWU. It is a document he is hoping will be

shared with all negotiators. b) Marc put together a health care

document. It is a combination of health care and language from all

member districts. It includes not only pay but benefits too. Includes

info on how districts allocate their funds.

There is one tentative settlement in the area.

A discussion ensued where negotiators shared what is happening and

where your district is at now.


Staff surveys

Buy back sick days

Lay offs/Budget Cuts

Fall Levies


Ed MN push for Union Preservation Language


Time (ie: days off, time for prep)

Monies for retirement health care

MOUs hopefully being moved into contract

Change in steps, going to fewer

Increase personal days

Converting unused personal days to sick days

Schedule C

ECFE teachers possibly on teaching schedule

Inservice style credits for professional development

Alternative Compensation Language

Possible reduction of contract days for teachers

Safety language

Eliminate blackout days where personal days can't be used

PLCs teacher control

Conference Time—If I'm demonstrating parent engagement do I have

to spend all those additional hours of parent/teacher


Right of assignment language

Make sure your contracts have language that covers layoff—especially

surrounding hearings

ULA Guidelines

Appendix A: Layoff Language Checklist

Class size language

Teacher work load

Real question about Special Session for Educational Funding

Look for an upcoming document issuing guidance relating to PELRA

Possible upcoming district response: “We think you are being a little


4. Motion to accept minutes

Marc D moved, Anne N seconded

Motion: Passed

5. Treasurer's Report: Marti Z.

Report sent electronically to everyone. Checkbook balance: $3012.22

Year to date expenses: $20,115.45 with balance of $9064.55

Savings Account Balance: $20,000.82 (earned 51cents interest)

Marti needs to know your numbers to develop a budget for next year.

Marti will bring a tentative draft budget for 2017-2018 to the May


If you need any reimbursements from MWU please get those to Marti

right away.

The IO brochure was $49.64

If you chair a program let Marti know if you need more or less money

for next year.

Locals are eligible for up to $1000 reimbursement for running programs

for your teachers. You must have spent $2000 to get the $1000


Remember the August Planning session, here at EdMN office, $100 for


6. Motion to approve treasurer's reort

Melissa B moved

Chris C seconded

Motion approved.

7. IO Chair Report; In May we are electing new officers. Be thinking

about if you would like to run.

8. Board of Directors: Monica B.

An EMAC chair will come to the governing board meetings. They are not

voting members.

After RA, the first NEA RA Caucus Meeting to save on resources and


Plans for Minneapolis NEA Convention 2018

9. Council Chairs: Melissa

Website is up to date.

Mary S: Legislative

Pension issues at last meeting. Public testimony on proposed bill

regarding pensions, Monday, May 1. Voting: Wed, May 3, 5:30 pm.

Adam J.--Rally at State Capitol Invest in Success: May 20. It is a pro

rally. We can do this together. Encourage people to go. 11-11:45 am

tailgate at EdMN office. If people register and come here, they can

sign up and take a bus down. Food, bus and comeraderie. Encourages

face to face invitations.

People need to know where parking is in St. Paul if they drive separately.

10. Social Media in the Classroom: Districts can order this presentation for

their schools.

90 minute presentation is suggested

Legal issues: general rules for personal use—no expectation of privacy

List of Dos and list of Do Nots

Security and privacy settings are big. No expectation again of privacy

Doesn't matter where you are, you can't speak of children, etc outside

of school. No venting.

Union uses (see rules)

District policy for students

Required to have anti-bullying policy and cyber-bullying policy

11. Local Engagement:

Building meetings, surveys

Meeting on what the future may hold

Grant on Value of Belonging, meeting at West End

Drawing for gift cards

12. Open Forum:

Bring your calendars next month

Officer positions for next year will be voted on

13. Motion to adjourn

Moved Marc D. Seconded Shelly S

Motion Approved


Rose Korst

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