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Metro West Governing Board Meeting

Thursday, November 29, 2018

ED MN Southwest Metro Office

7242 Metro Blvd, Suite 200

Edina, MN 55439



Those of Attendance:

Kay Carlson, SLP, President

Melissa Benjamin,Orono, Vice President

Rose Korst, SLP, Secretary

Marti Zins, Treasurer

Chris Watkins, SLP

Chris Commers, ECCS

Shelly Sutherland, ECCS

Marc Doepner, Westonka

Monica Byron, Richfield

Mike Harris, Richfield

Ann Hersman, Minnetonka

Adam Tillotson, Wayzata

Anne Naumann, Wayzata

Adam Janiak, EdMN Field Staff

Deb Johnson, EdMN Field Staff

Beth Anderson, EdMN Field Staff



Kay Carlson called the meeting to order at 5: 16 pm.


1.      Treasurer's Report, Marti Zins

All dues are paid.

Checking balance:  $9440.52    Savings balance:  $40,661.37

Expenditures to date:  $8146.50     Budget balance: $21,628.50

The collective bargaining conf. Is coming up so get those registrations in and your requests for reimbursement to Marti.

2.      Motion to accept October minutes:  Moved:  Marc D-H

Seconded:  Chris C.     MOTION PASSED

3.      Kay Carlson, UniServ Chair:  IO update

Sent Dennis Dahlman a request for self funded user group info

Goal of group:  peer to peer learning, understanding the self funded option

Group members manage their own funds

Dennis is available to come speak to the group in February if we would like him to come out.    (Discussion)

Kay will get back to Dennis and ask for meeting times and who to respond to if able to go.  Chris C.  will send out meeting times, etc. to everyone.  The next meeting is December 14 9:30-11:30 am.  I'm attaching Chris's email with the info to these minutes.

4.      Monica Byron, Board of Directors report.  Meeting is next week. She will get minutes out to everyone.

5.      Melissa Benjamin, Council Chairs.  Website is updated.

6.      Kay sent in the letter and audit.  We are all clear with everything.

7.      Mike Harris, Legislative.      Asking for stable funding, safe schools, increased tax payer equity.  SEE MIKE'S ATTACHMENT BELOW.

8.      Marc Doepner, Cycle of Seven

Everything went well.  Just over 100 people.  Marc included certificates with minutes for each school.  Lots of teachers spent time talking shop and sharing ideas.  This year it was only open to Metro West schools.  Something for the future:  open to other IO school districts.  For next year we really want a Members Rights Training at the Cycle of Seven.  Thank you Wayzata for hosting!!!

9.      Marc Doepner,Negotiations.  We are all set for the February 28 meeting.  Bring as many negotiators as you can.  Please update the manual Marc sent if you have any updates about anything from language, health care, etc.

10.  Adam Janiak, Election results.  Overall things went well.  Education Minnesota campaign was extremely successful.  We won't know official turnout numbers until March.  64% of the state turned out to vote.  Largest turnout number since 2002.

Register to organize for change for the meeting December 1.  Go to EdMN website to register.

Emerging Leaders Program June 18-20, 2019 at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph , Minnesota.

To register go to:

11.  Any local engagement activities to share?

Westonka did a bagels and coffee

Votes and floates and Chili , Orono

12.  Open Forum:  no discussion

13.  Topic for discussion tonight—membership

Reflection on fall 2018:

Chris C.  talked late hires after school began.  Turnovers are happening all the time.  All 75 new hires came on board.

Conversation between hard copy and on-line signing.

Chris W, St. Louis Park, If they don't sign at the meeting it could take up to 4 additional meetings to get them to sign. 

Marc, Westonka, said the all teacher welcome back was a great opportunity to hand out dues deduct.  It took an awful lot of work to get teachers signed up for the union.  It's an additional duty and it adds a lot of work to the local unions.  Kay did express the additional stress signing teachers up for union.  They weren't enough who stepped forward to help with this.

Melissa says Orono had a breakfast to start the year.

All teachers in Orono are in.

Mike, Richfield, said they get time from the district to present union membership.  Only one part time didn't sign up at this time.

Adam, Wayzata, put together a video as to what the union does for you.  They presented it at a lunch they host for new teachers. 98/99% of teachers signed up .


         Times have changed.  One size does not fit all.  Each local is

         different.  A possible motivator to sign up for Union:  only union

         members can vote on the contract.  It also has the opposite effect.     

         Non union members are pleased with good contracts and they

         have saved money by not belonging.  Focus on the high energy

         moments and get your people talking about why the union is

         great.  According to Marc, once a year he wants to, “scare the hell

         out of them.”

   Motion to Adjourn:     Moved Chris W   Seconded:  Ann H



The meeting adjourned at 6:48pm.  Our next meeting is January 2019.


Respectfully submitted,

Rose Korst


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