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Metro West Governing Board Meeting

Thursday, October 25, 2018
ED MN Southwest Metro Office
7242 Metro Blvd, Suite 200
Edina, MN 55439

Those of Attendance:
Kay Carlson, SLP, President
Melissa Benjamin, Vice President, Orono
Rose Korst, SLP, Secretary
Marti Zins, Treasurer
Melissa Benjamin,Orono
Marc Doepner-Hove, Westonka
Ann Hersman, Mtka
Mark Broten, Mtka
Anne Naumann, Wayzata
Chris Watkins, SLP
Paula Klinger, Hopkins
Chris Commers, Chaska
Shelli Sutherland , Chaska
Monica  Byron , Richfield
Mike Harris, Richfield
Adam Janiak,Field Staff
Marie Fernholz,  EdMN field s taff
Becky Kleive, Park time EdMN field staff
Nancy Cordes, Plymouth
Rodney Rowe, EdMN secretary/treasurer
Mike Reehl, EdMN CFO
Deb Johnson, EdMN field staff
Kay Carlson called the meeting to order at 5:26pm.
Kay led introductions for the evening.
  1. Rodney Rowe gave a presentation on EdMN membership Dues.
Review of the2017-2018 Dues as compared to the 2018-2019 Dues. The difference is a result from the Janis decision.  Where does our funding come from? 
a) Membership dues  (fair share in 2017-2018)
b) National Dues Differential
c) National Ed Association
d) American Federation of Teachers
e) Educator Advertising
f) MEA
g) Continuous Retired Membership
h)Media Campaign
I) Investment Income
        93% of our teachers stayed with the Union.  Of the remaining 7%,      some of them were retiring and did not need to resign as a union member.
“We budget around things we see are coming.”  R. Rowe  We want to be financially responsible for our members. 
As of today, there are under 600 members statewide who did not resign with the union.  That's less than 1%.  We are in a good position. 
A stakeholder group was developed.  They came up with 4 point rubric:
  1. Welcoming and inviting
  2. Relevant
  1. Union branded
  2. Go back with an “ask” 
Some of the ways the budget was cut:
MEA convention cut to 1 day—members only.  (Cut costs in half)
The Educator will now be bi-monthly instead of every month.
Eliminated datebooks.
How can we begin to monitor and adjust? 
 Two key things:
  1. What happened through the drop window?
  2. What will the  outcome be for the  midterm election?
Mike Reele:  Roosters are done 3X a year. 
4/28/2018  –    76,125
8/31/2018  -     75,583
10/3/2018  -      73,528
More revenue than was budgeted.  Good news.
Pension Benefit is 92.8% funded.  Also good news.
Defense Interval:
How long can we operate EdMN as is without taking in any additional $$$?
   16 months without taking in any $$$ (the next day after we are bankrupt)
Operating Strength Ratio:
   We have a ratio of 1:1   EdMN can cover all liabilities of the organization with current unrestricted cash and other liquid assets.
  1. Marc Doepner -  Relicensure Cycle update
We are seeing just under 100 people right now.  (Normally 280)
Members can now go online and do this so we feel that it has cut into our numbers.  Please remind your teachers and encourage them to sign up.   If you have a tier one teacher who is trying to get this training, please invite them to come.  Invites go to Metro West members.
  1. Nancy Cordes. our NEA director, passed out the Directors' Newsletter.  The three things they do for us:  lobbying, voting, and communicating.   Nancy met with Emmer and Paulson while in Washington D.C. in September.
     Nancy takes real life stories to the capitol and lets them know how
     what they are doing affects our students, teachers and schools.
     NEA also made adjustments to their budgets in light of the Janis    
     decision.  Her contact information is below:
     Nancy Cordes
  1. Approve the agenda;
Moved:  Chris Watkins    Seconded:  Melissa B
  1. Treasurer's Report:  Marti Zins
Audit is done.  Everything is good.  Melissa Benjamin
Kay will write a letter to confirm the finished audit.
Motion to accept the audit
Moved:  Anne N    Seconded:  Chris W
            Kay has applied for the third year of the IO grant and we've been    
           Our current balance is:  $1079.83
           Our savings balance is:  $38,326.40
           Reminder:  The legal conference is soon.  MWU pays for two registrations.  Please request your MWU payment names and amounts for reimbursements.  Marti needs the names of your two people so she can verify the reimbursement.
Membership numbers will be obtained from EdMN on November 1 and a dues letter will be sent to your local treasurer with a copy to you.  Please pay promptly .  A reminder, they are EdMN numbers so if incorrect please contact them.  All members , including proportional members are charged the $6 membership fee.  There are no more fair share fee payers
             Motion to accept the treasurer's report.
Moved:  Melissa B.  Seconded:  Monica B
  1.  Kay Carlson:  IO chairs report
EdMN has placed all locals into an IO.
Report going to next year's RC about the grant program and see what happens. 
Nat Anderson-Lippert is a temporary election staff.  Talked about getting organized for this midterm election.    Talked about how critical it is to get the pro-education people elected. 
EdMN is being sued because of the drop window they set for signing up for the union. 
What can EdMN do to help the local presidents sell the union?  It is  a big stressor for these folks. 
Chris Commers asked if we could do some of our own pd at a future meeting?  We can't continue to pile on things.
             Talked about the bargaining conference.  Coordinated advocacy for
             Public Education.  (CAPE)  
             All three NEA directors were invited for tonight.  Nancy Cordes
             joined us tonight.  Kay invited directors to come any time.  All three
             will be invited to our RA.
             TRA member will have an opening.  Please forward any interested
             candidates to Rodney .
  1. Monica Byron -  Governance Board
Her new committee assignment is the Leadership Committee.
  How can we group leaders?  A new committee for the board.
Also reminded folks about the opening on the TRA board.
Some folks asked about why numbers are not being reported about membership.  We are not going to give certain organizations any foder for the media mill.  Members will be given those numbers at a later time.
                 They discussed the law suit concerning the drop window.
                 Coming UP;
                 a) Teacher of the Year
                 b)  Foundation Grants   email:
                 At large position open on the Governing Board.
  1. Melissa B.  -  Website
Everything is up to date on website.
  1. Mike Harris – political :  VOTE
Adam J – Election is coming up.  Door Knock, etc.
Keep working on the election. 
 MEA was meaningful and different. 
Governing board contact list for all locals has been resent with the at large members.
  1.   Kay received a request from Dennis Dahlman to speak to this group.  Wants to talk about a self-funded insurance group.  What is self-funded? How do you get there?  What are the benefits?
They are associated with Preferred One. 
We need to know why he wants to talk to us before we agree.
                  Kay will get back to him and she will bring answers back to our
                  next meeting.
  1. Open forum:

Marti:  Stamps are going up to 55cents in January.                   
                      Ann H:  Is there an issue we can all agree on going into the
                      next negotiation statewide?
                      What if all groups faced the legislature and asked for funding
                      for schools.
                        Monica B:   Minneapolis is meeting with every Social Studies
                        Dept. to bring all 18 year olds to the polls to vote.  Goal:  by
                        2020 all Mpls schools will bring their 18 year olds to vote.
                        Chris Commers:  School funding is going backwards.  No real
                        increases since 2008.   
                        Kay Carlson stated that kindergarten is not mandatory in
                        Students are enrolling in first grade who have no
                        kindergarten .   They are behind. 
Motion to adjourn.  Moved:  Chris W.  Seconded:  Melissa B
The meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.      
Rose Korst


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