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Metro West Governing Board Meeting

Thursday, September 26, 2019

ED MN Southwest Metro Office

7242 Metro Blvd, Suite 200

Edina, MN 55439



Those of Attendance:

Kay Carlson, SLP, President

Melissa Benjamin,Orono, Vice President

Rose Korst, SLP, Secretary

Megan Lhotka, Treasurer

Chris Commers, ECCS

Shelly Sutherland, ECCS

Marc Doepner, Westonka

Monica Byron, Richfield

Dave Clark, Richfield

Ann Hersman, Minnetonka

Mark Broten, Minnetonka

Adam Tillotson, Wayzata

Anne Naumann, Wayzata

Adam Janiak, EdMN Field Staff

Deb Corhouse, EdMN Field Staff

Beth Anderson, EdMN Field Staff


Kay Carlson called the meeting to order at 5: 24 pm.


1.            Deb Corhouse, EdMN,  Legal

  • Language varies throughout the school districts.
  • Know student triggers. 
  • Are teachers begin taught certain holds (etc.) for students who need this for de-escalation?
  • Interrupted learning
  •  Reasonable Force allows some flexibility with students who do not have IEPs. 
  •  Corporal punishment is not allowed.
  •  Minnetonka shared their Memorandum of Understanding on Staff and Student Safety that includes:
    • •               unsafe conditions
    • •               written notice to teachers of violent student in classroom
    • •               physical assault on teacher
    • •               reimburse for damaged personal property
    • •               teachers supervised by a licensed school nurse on all medical procedures to e performed on students
    • •               Teachers should not be subjected to harassment, inappropriate behavior or intimidation by a parent or any other person in                       the performance of their duties.
  • Adam Janiak we need to plan for these things, not wait until something happens.  Have a joint labor management safety committee.
  • Many handouts.
  • Kay pointed out an NEA article:  When Work Hurts


2.      Megan Lhotka, Treasurer's Report

  • Balance:  $1932.16    (checking)
  • $47,617.74
  • Fill out a voucher if you did any back to school training
  • The audit was completed and all is good.  See website.
  • Audit Report is attached.
  • Motion to approve August Minutes.  Moved:  Adam T; Seconded Ann H.   MOTION PASSED.

3.      KAY CARLSON.  We need to move our representative assembly in March to a new place. 

  • Prices went up at the Marriott thus causing the move.  Please check your spring breaks.  The RA is March 19.  Is March 19 good?  Considering the Double Tree.  Motion to go to the Doubletree in Hopkins: Moved:  Marc D; Seconded:  Mark MOTION PASSED.
  • Megan, Kay and Adam will work on what to save.


4.      Monica B.  Board meets next week, October 4

5.      Melissa Benjamin, website.  Everything is up to date.

6.      Marc Doepner, negotiations

  • See folder in your google drive labeled Metro West
  • First tab = copay plans
  • Second tab = lower tiered deductible plan
  • Third tab = higher tiered deductible plan
  • How much is the district contributing to deductibles.
  • Please update your information in this file.  Date changes.
  • Cycle of Five:  Marc will be sending out sign-up sheet soon.  We will not be offering the cultural competency piece.  There is a disagreement as to what should be done.  8 hours vs 1 hour?  We can offer in the spring if we need to.
    •          Date:  November 2   

7.         Adam Janiak:  Scarves = $20.50

  • Across the state, we have around 93% membership
  • Negotiations = percents are on the sheet.

8.      Anne Hersman:  Applied for a Retention Engagement Grant

  •              She received the grant, which provided $36,000 a year for two years.
  •              Another round of grants are available.  Due Oct 31

9.      Local Engagement Activities”

  • Minnetonka:  They had a luncheon and administration had staff go back to have presentation on union.
  • Richfield; BBQ for the staff.  Everyone enjoyed it.
  • Monica had a luncheon for staff of color, Administration will continue to provide luncheon during staff development time throughout the year. 
  • St Louis Park had a narrated bus trip followed by a 45-minute meeting where all new staff signed to joining the union.

10.  MOTION TO ADJOURN.  Moved:  Marc ; Seconded: Ann H


The meeting adjourned at 7:32pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Rose Korst



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