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Metro West Governing Board Meeting

Thursday, September 27, 2018

ED MN Southwest Metro Office  *  7242 Metro Blvd, Suite 200  *  Edina, MN 55439

Those of Attendance:

Kay Carlson, SLP, President

Rose Korst, SLP, Secretary

Marti Zins, Treasurer

Melissa Benjamin,Orono

Chris Watkins, SLP

Adam Tillotson, Wayzata

Marc Doepner-Hove, Westonka

Ann Hersman, Mtka

Mark Broten, Mtka

Anne Naumann, Wayzata

Paula Klinger, Hopkins

Chris Commers, Chaska

Monica  Byron , Richfield

Adam Janiak,Field Staff

Beth Anderson, EdMN field staff

Melissa Benjamin called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

1.  Motion to approve the agenda.  Moved: Marc DH, Seconded Adam T. MOTION: PASSED

2.  Motion to approve the August minutes.  Moved; Marc DH, Seconded Chris W. MOTION:  PASSED


3.  Marti Zins, Treasurer's Report

    a.) Do we want to pay for 2 people per local to go to the political conference?  Or 3?

Motion to pay for 2 members registration fees from each local with the stipulation to revisit if there is more interest later to the political conference.

MOTION Anne H, Seconded Chris C     MOTION: PASSED

    b) End of year (2017-2018) checkbook assets are $2,539.02

         Beginning (2018-2019) checkbook assets are $1445.98.

          See treasurer's report.

  1. Marti has turned over the books to Melissa's group for the audit.


Motion to approve the treasurer's report.  Moved: Chris C , Seconded: Adam T MOTION:  PASSED


4.  Education Mn Board of Directors report.  Monica B

 TRA has a position open for Active Member.  Please encourage good candidates to apply.


5.  Council Chairs:  

  • Marc DH (Cycle of ..)

           a) Cycle for  Relicensure – details are complete.  Marc will be sending out sign up to all districts.  Check your emails as Marc has sent it. Nov 3, 7am-2pm (includes all 7 )  Wayzata High School.

            b) Testing is going on in the building so be mindful when you are moving about the halls.

  1. Snacks are being cut.

Union Members Only

  • Marc DH – Negotiations

Marc will send out google docs.  Asks for all to please put in your premiums.  A calculator is included within the doc. Share all language that you are introducing.  For example: How is your district going to refine a reduction? What is a reduction?

Please Note:   Statute: 122840.sec 11 eliminated


6.  Melissa Benjamin:  Will update roster on website.


7.  Adam J:  Field Staff

    What is Hustle?  Texting people with info.  The read rate is 90% as compared to phone banks.  Phone to phone texting. Pre written commentaries

MEA is on Thursday –Members Only.  

Videos on EdMN site and on Youtube for EdMN.

(Adam will send out the link to the Youtube channel)

November 7 and 8 – Law Conference  Register through EdMN

 Topic of preday:  Managing Real World Conflict at School

Get out and get people registered to vote.

Make PAC refund easier to get.  (Don't call until Oct 1 as per person on the other end of the phone.  No processing until then.)

Education MN needs to look at how union membership is a change for the local that they will have to deal with internally.  A new shift.

The work we've done the last 2 years in prep for Janis shows that we are doing well.  As of today, 250 drops statewide.

If you use your district email to send out rosters, DON'T.  Do it other ways.

Rodney Rowe is coming in October.  He's the treasurer of EdMN.

    b) It would be great to know what issues the Governance Board is working on?  We would like an email from our representative to let us know what went on.

We would also like to have input into the issues our governance board member is casting a vote for so we feel our voices are heard.

Paula and Adam will craft an email that everyone can send to their governance board member in regards to input.

We will invite governance board members who represent our members to our regular meetings.  We will also invite our 3 NEA directors.

  1. Kay has an IO chair October 6.  Is there anything you would like her to bring to this meeting.  If you think of something, send Kay an email.

  2. Open Forum:

Unaudited:  TRA made 10.3% last year

Paras asked to join the union 7 yrs ago.  Do they have to be unaffiliated from another union for a year before they can.  Is this so?

Shelly is sorry she can't be here tonight. Our thoughts are with the teachers and staff of the two districts, Chaska and Hopkins, who suffered the loss of students last week.  

The meeting adjourned at 7:30.


Rose Korst


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