Metro West UniServ

An Education Minnesota intermediate organization

Who We Are

UniServ is a link between your local association and Education Minnesota. It gives locals an  opportunity to communicate with representatives of the Education Minnesota Executive Board, field staff, state officers, and others within our organization.

The responsibilities of the UniServ Board are twofold. First, it provides dialogue between the Education Minnesota Executive Board and  local representatives to keep locals updated and give input to directors. Second, it approves and monitors the  UniServ councils.
MetroWest UniServ Representative Contacts
Last name First name Local Title Email
Anderson Beth ED MN Staff ED MN Staff
Benjamin Melissa Orono Vice President
Broten Mark Minnetonka Rep
Byron Monica Richfield Rep
Carlson Kay Carlson Chair/St. Louis Park
Clark Dave Richfield Rep
Commers Chris Chaska Rep/President
Doepner-Hove Marc Westonka Rep/President
Fernholz Marie ED MN Staff ED MN Staff
Harris Mike Richfield President
Hersman Ann Minnetonka Rep
Janiak Adam ED MN Staff ED MN Staff
Johnson Deb ED MN Staff ED MN Staff
Klinger Paula Hopkins President
Korst Rose St. Louis Park Secretary
Lhotka Megan Westonka Treasurer
McLuckie Steve ED MN Staff ED MN Staff
Naumann Anne Wayzata Rep
Smith Jane Orono President
Sutherland Shelli Chaska Rep
Tangen Nathan St. Louis Park President
Tillotson Adam Wayzata Rep/President
Watkins Chris St. Louis Park Rep

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