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December 2016


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ESP of the Year builds up students, colleagues
When Marcell Branch started working at West Education Center in Intermediate District 287 four years ago, he knew he could do the job, but it wasn’t always going  to be easy. Read more


Educators look to bridge divide after election
The results of the election last month revealed deep divides in the country and in Minnesota. Read more

Denise Specht: Educators owe it to students to bring state together
As educators, we cannot let racist bullying become the new normal in our schools. This isn’t a political statement. It’s a plea for common decency in how we treat each other and in the learning environments we create. Read more

Focus shifts after due process lawsuit dismissed
Minnesota educators can give their attention to more pressing issues facing public education now that a Ramsey County District judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the state’s statutes for due process and layoffs. Read more

What professional development would you like to see offered?
In last month’s Minnesota Educator, we continued the “we want to hear from you” contest and received responses from all over the state via email and Twitter. Here is a selection of the answers.  Read more

Collective Bargaining and Organizing Conference set
Registration is now open for Education Minnesota’s 2017 Collective Bargaining and Organizing Conference.  Read more

Pequot art teacher builds community, shares passion
When Molly Wiste talks through the creative process with her art students at Pequot Lakes High School, she knows what they are going through. That’s because not only is Wiste a teacher of art, she is an artist herself–and with a bit of a unique medium. Read more

Lawsuit brings new focus to importance of due process
In dismissing all claims and all parties from the Forslund v. Minnesota lawsuit, the judge said the plaintiffs could not draw any connection between low academic achievement and Minnesota’s due process laws. 
Read more

What does being nationally board certified mean?
Many teachers may hear the words “National Board Certification” but don’t understand what it means, how to go about getting it or if they even want to pursue it. Read more

Rural educators honored for their work
The Minnesota Rural Education Association has created an Educators of Excellence award program to recognize the work of its members in 220 school districts in greater Minnesota. Read more

Podcast breaks down teacher portrayal in movies
Teachers, school staff and higher education faculty are often depicted in movies, but are the portrayals accurate? Jake Scott, a fifth-grade teacher at Anishinabe Academy in Minneapolis, and Kathryn Oberg, a fifth-grade teacher at Peter Hobart Elementary in St. Louis Park, decided to find out and then share it with the world. Read more

Panel weighs in on achievement gap struggles, successes
The Minnesota Achievement Gap Committee invited former Minnesota Teachers of the Year to speak on a panel about what is working in schools and what needs improvement, in order to close the achievement gap. Read more

Lesson plan jam among new professional development opportunities
Education Minnesota will host two new professional development sessions at the beginning of next year—a lesson plan jam and an EdCamp focused on equity in education. Read more

Briefs about grants, professional development, awards and other resources. Read more

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