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April 2017


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Rochester, Deer River begin building community schools
Deer River kindergarten teacher DeAnna Hron heard about Duluth’s Myers-Wilkins full-service community school and immediately was interested in learning more. “The needs of our students are growing,” she said. “I thought this would work for us. In fact, we were already doing pieces of it.” Read more

Legislative session continues with education bills
The 2017 legislative session has reached its halfway point and education and union rights have been at the center of many bills presented so far. Two of the biggest topics gaining traction in both houses of the Legislature are about seniority language and tax credits for school choice, or “neovouchers.” Read more

Denise Specht: Speak up to fix problems, defend good solutions
We don’t really need more evidence that bad things can happen when the people in power make decisions about education policy without consulting actual educators, but plenty of new proof has appeared in the past few weeks. Read more

What can be done to solve the teacher shortage crisis?
In last month’s Minnesota Educator, we continued the “we want to hear from you” contest and received responses from all over the state via email. Here is a selection of the answers. Read more

TRA board members answer frequently asked questions about pensions
Get answers to questions as basic as "What is a pension?" to the more complex difference between a defined benefit and a defined contribution from the experts -- TRA board members Mary Broderick and Marshall Thompson. Read more

Representative Convention plans come together
The 2017 Education Minnesota Representative Convention, the union’s highest governing body with more than 600 elected delegates, will be held April 21-22 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Plans are in place for the event, which will focus on “The Power of We!” Read more

New 'Believe in We' campaign debuts with TV ads
One of the core purposes of the "Believe in 'We'" campaign is to emphasize how our members and the Minnesota public share the same values for our students —fairness, freedom, opportunity, equity, inclusiveness, excellence —and that we must all speak up for these values. Read more

AFT TEACH conference to be held July 20-22
All local presidents should receive an information packet from the American Federation of Teachers that includes a tentative schedule and hotel and conference registration forms. Read more

Working to address teacher shortage, student outcomes
In the 2015-16 school year, the American public school population became majority nonwhite for the first time in history. Minnesota has seen a steady and consistent increase in its student of color population; in some districts, student demographics reflect national data, with the enrollment being majority nonwhite. Read more

Member-led sessions wanted for Summer Seminar
Summer Seminar is part of the Minnesota Educator Academy and offers high-quality professional development, leadership training and networking opportunities. It will be held July 31-Aug. 2 at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Read more

Briefs about grants, professional development, awards and other resources. Read more

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