Tim Walz for governor

Imagine a Minnesota governor who really understood what was happening in our classrooms on their first day in office—over testing, class sizes, job stress, lack of support, lack of respect, even the acronyms.

Only Tim Walz, a 20-year teacher in Mankato, can be that governor.

That’s one reason why Tim Walz and his running mate, state Rep. Peggy Flanagan, are Education Minnesota’s endorsed candidates for governor and lieutenant governor.

Inspired by a teachable moment

Tim Walz was a high school teacher and command sergeant major in the Army National Guard in 2004 when he took two students to hear President George W. Bush speak in Tim’s hometown of Mankato.

All three were turned away because one of his students had a John Kerry sticker on his wallet. They were told to get on a bus and leave, although Tim was eventually allowed to stay after offensive questioning by a campaign staffer.

He says it was a “teachable moment” for all of them. If a campaign worker could harass a command sergeant major for trying to hear his own commander-in-chief, he decided something was deeply broken in politics. That night he committed himself to fixing it.

Two years later, Tim went on to win his first of six races for Congress from southern Minnesota. While there, he earned a lifetime grade of “A” from the National Education Association. 

Walz’ education priorities
  • Fully and equitably fund our schools.
  • Support and listen to educators.
  • Close opportunity gaps.
  • Support universal pre-K.
  • Prioritize education funding.
  • Recruit/ retain more teachers of color.
  • Block school vouchers.
  • Provide two years of free college at state colleges and universities.
One of us

Tim Walz taught high school geography and coached football for 20 years in the Mankato public schools, where his wife, Gwen, still works. His two children are in public schools. When he retires, his family will depend on a state pension just like tens of thousands of other Minnesota families.

Although he’s been in Congress since 2006, he still has the work ethic of an educator and our appreciation for authentic relationships. Watch him give a speech or an interview and you can tell he spent decades presenting lesson plans to teenagers.

Like many educators today, Tim was in the classroom during the Pawlenty administration. He remembers the devastating budget cuts, the layoffs, the rollbacks of support services and the rising class sizes. He won’t let them happen again.

Tim Walz is one of us and he needs our support in the DFL primary Aug. 14 and the general election Nov. 6. We may never have another chance to elect a candidate like this.

Learn more at walzflanagan.org