How we screen candidates for state office

Any legislative candidate interested in seeking endorsement must be in contact with Education Minnesota members in their district.

An Education Minnesota member then must contact their Political Action Committee (PAC) board representative or the board chair to communicate the candidate’s desire for endorsement. PAC board representatives can be found on the Education Minnesota website. All incumbent and non-incumbent candidates are required to participate in an Education Minnesota candidate screening interview or event.

Education Minnesota encourages screening teams to choose one or more of the following to enhance or take the place of the screening interview process:

  • A public meeting: An event featuring member speakers sharing stories and seeking policy commitments from candidates on education and union issues.
  • A roundtable Q&A: A live-streamed event where members ask questions and seek commitments from candidates on education and union issues.
  • School visit: A half- or full-day school visit, sponsored by Education Minnesota members, in which the candidate can see and hear about education and union issues in their district.

These events should be planned by Education Minnesota members, with Education Minnesota staff support. Screening teams will also be reimbursed for any costs associated with doing turnout or hosting the event.

Attend or host a screening event

After the event, a vote by Education Minnesota members who participated will be taken and sent to the Education Minnesota Political Action Committee as the team’s recommendation for endorsement.

Candidates will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire, which will be made public on Education Minnesota’s website.