ESI Seminar: When can I afford to retire? Virtual Session

Date: February 23, 2021 06:00 PM


Register online or contact Brandt Wendland by email or at 651-470-9079

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Location: For Members serviced out of Central Lakes United
Session will occur online on Zoom


Presented by ESI Member Benefits for members serviced out of Central Lakes United.

For union members covered by a TRA defined benefit pension plan.

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For members serviced out of Central Lakes United

Pension education:
- Learn how benefits are calculated.
- Understand defined benefit pension plans.

Financial planning:
- What can you expect from Social Security?
- Tax-deferred and tax-free savings
- Asset allocation and asset management
- 403(b) match and severance payment options
Presented by: Brandt Wendland, EFS Advisors

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This workshop is presented by Education Minnesota ESI

Paid for by ESI, not by dues. ESI is self-supporting; revenues provide benefits, service and consumer education for members.