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We're asking all active members to show administration, students, communities and each other that we are committed to working together to improve public education by renewing our commitment to the union with a signed membership renewal form. 

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Belonging to Education Minnesota: Why it matters

Working in a union such as Education Minnesota gives educators the power to make meaningful improvements for students, our profession, public education and our communities. We can compel change when we have a collective voice.

Here's what it means to be a member of Education Minnesota:

A place for professional growth: Education Minnesota staff, member trainers and experts offer hundreds of free or low-cost professional development opportunities across the state help you grow throughout your career. 

An advocate for your career: Your local leaders and Education Minnesota staff help negotiate contracts, engage our community, represent educators building-by-building and influence district policy. Providing fair wages, benefits and working conditions to the people who spend their days making sure our students are safe, well fed and learning is a priority.  

A voice for public education: The decisions district leaders, state lawmakers and Congress make affect your classroom, school and profession. Education Minnesota and your national unions have people fighting for you every day, connecting members to their lawmakers and other state and federal officials to ensure their voices are heard when decisions are made.

An ally: Have a question about your insurance? Or how to request a day off? We're here to get you an answer quickly. Need help with conflict resolution? We have experience tackling problems so you don't have to do it alone. 

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