When can I afford to retire?

Please join us for one of these free seminars!

For union members covered by TRA or PERA defined benefit pension plans

Topics to be discussed:

Pension Education

  • Learn how benefits are calculated.
  • Understand defined benefit pension plans.

Presented by: Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits

Financial Planning

  • What can you expect from Social Security?
  • Tax-deferred and tax-free savings.
  • Asset allocation and asset management/diversification/performance and fees.
  • 403(b) match and severance payment options.

Presented by: EFS Advisors


November & December Virtual Workshops

November 17 - For members serviced out of the St. Cloud Field Office - Register online here

November 19 - For members serviced out of the Windom Field Office - Register online here

December 1 - For members serviced out of the Detroit Lakes Field Office - Register online here

December 3 - For members serviced out of the Hibbing Field Office - Register online here


A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the session once you are registered
RSVP to Deborah Skog by email or phone: 651-292-4896.

Please let us know how we can accommodate any special requests or needs that you may have.

  • Leave your name(s), phone number and which session you would like to attend.
  • Limited seating so registration is required.
  • Spouses and guests are welcome.

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