COVID-19/back to school bargaining resources

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Bargaining resources: opening negotiations, general guidance and sample language

Online Learning – Sample language for contracts and MOUs (NEW Oct. 19)
Online learning looks different and takes place in different circumstances across the state. These language samples are assembled from local proposals, negotiated language and generic samples that have been reviewed by Education Minnesota staff. Because of the uniqueness of each situation, all locals are encouraged to work with their field staff to create proposals that appropriately address the instructional model in their given district. 

COVID-19 pandemic provisions sample MOU (Sept. 22)
As members are vaccinated in increasing numbers and vaccine mandates become commonplace, staff and administration will need to discuss safety protocols in a public health landscape that changes frequently. We recommend that locals initiate, or prepare to join, discussions about staff safety protocols and expectations related to the receipt of vaccinations. This sample MOU addresses the on-going need for public health precautions, as well as appropriate expectations for staff regarding vaccination against COVID-19.

This new sample Memorandum of Understanding builds on previous recommendations as to key areas where terms and conditions of employment need to be addressed for ongoing COVID-19 pandemic issues. This MOU can serve as a starting point from which locals and districts can create contract language to fill gaps between existing contracts and needed clarifications and protections for educators and students during the unprecedented task of educating students in a pandemic.

Issues related to health and safety, employee leaves, transitions between instructional delivery models, workload, and other issues are included.

This MOU cannot anticipate every local need; please work with field staff and the negotiations and legal department on bargained solutions to local problems.

Sample vaccine MOU (UPDATED Sept. 21)
The rise of concerning variants, uneven vaccination rates across the state and country, and vaccine availability limited to those students 12 and older necessitate ongoing conversations between local unions and employers over pandemic-related working and learning conditions.

Locally-negotiated MOUs

Memoranda of Understanding and Letters of Agreement have been negotiated across the state in many different districts to address the needs of educators and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. These agreements will be posted to this page as we receive them from our local unions.