Seminars and exhibits

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ESI offers trainings regarding member benefits and seminars on financial planning and general pension education. We are also available to exhibit at local or regional events and attend membership or new member meetings.

Please contact for more information.

NOTE: trainings are currently virtual in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEW: When Can I Afford to Retire?
November & December 2021 virtual sessions

Other available trainings:

Using membership to the max: Member benefits
Education Minnesota ESI works to bring quality programs and services to members and their families. Through a member-led advisory committee and board, programs and services go through a review process before sponsorship. Learn about the ESI, NEA, and AFT sponsored programs including identity theft protection, financial resources, and shopping discounts. There are programs for members at every stage in their career. In fact, there are many ways for members to save the cost of their dues and more.

When can I afford to retire?
The answer to this question depends not only on how well you have planned financially, but also on what your plans are in retirement. While you are working, your income comes from your paycheck. In retirement, your income will come from three sources: your pension, social security, and any savings you have accumulated in accounts such as 403(b)/457/IRAs and savings. In this session, members will begin to understand how defined benefit pensions work and how income in retirement is calculated based on the pension option you choose. You will also learn about various investment plans and the differences between them so you can plan what is best for you. 

Personal planning for a tight budget: It all adds up 
Sometimes it seems impossible to stretch your paycheck for your bills, student loans and other debts, let alone save for the future.  Session topics will include budgeting, paying down credit cards, savings including 403(b) and Roth IRA, saving on daycare expenses using flex money and more.  

Financial concerns for women
According to statistics, 90 percent of all women will be the sole financial decision-maker for themselves and/or their families at some time. This training will explore financial concepts necessary to being a financial decision-maker.