How to stay informed, get involved this legislative session

Share your story at a lobby day 
Educators are the best people to tell the stories of what is happening in Minnesota schools and Education Minnesota has a way for its members to meet with legislators face to face. All local unions or member groups can sign up for a lobby day. Education Minnesota will set up appointments with the legislators in your area, provide you a short briefing on what is happening at the Capitol and provide you resources for how to share your story effectively. Substitute, mileage and food reimbursements are available. For more information, go to

Meet with legislators when they are back in their district
While most of the policy takes shape at the Capitol, legislators are often back in the districts they represent. Watch your legislators’ schedules to see when they are in the district and if they are having any public meetings. Invite your local legislator to your school and classroom. The more they can see and hear about what is going on in their local schools, the more likely they might be to fight for what you need. If locals or members want to schedule a formal meeting with the legislator while they are in the district, contact your Education Minnesota field staff. Don’t know who your local legislator is? Find out on at our Policy Action Center at

Raise your voice by testifying at a hearing
Committee hearings are a focal point of the legislative process at the Capitol and give educators the chance to share their stories and make their voices heard. Contact Education Minnesota’s lobby team at if you’re interested in testifying before a legislative committee. The team can help you prepare your remarks, make sure you’re on the agenda and get you in the right place at the right time.

View our legislative agenda online, connect with our lobbyists on issues you care about
Education Minnesota has lobbyists who spend their time fighting for public education and educators every day. But we still want to hear from you! Not only do we want you to come share your story at the Capitol, our lobbyists can help pass on your messages to legislators as well. Contact if there is something you care about that you would like us to fight for. Education Minnesota’s legislative agenda is an overarching vision of what the organization believes the Legislature should do to ensure Minnesota has the best learning and working conditions in its public schools. The guiding principles of this year’s agenda are: Improving teaching leads to improving educational outcomes, engaging students is a crucial step toward their career success and investing in quality learning environments. Read our full legislative agenda at

Visit, use the Policy Action Center
Education Minnesota’s Policy Action Center website is designed to keep members informed on important education issues, help them find and track legislation, connect with members of U.S. Congress and state legislators and give them the tools needed to be a successful education advocate. Members can send emails to their legislators, either with provided messages on certain topics or their own messages. Go to to see what Education Minnesota has put together to keep you up to date.

Read the Capitol Connection e-newsletter
Every Monday during the legislative session, Education Minnesota sends an e-newsletter called Capitol Connection to all members for whom we have email addresses. Capitol Connection summarizes the most recent actions affecting public education at the Legislature, and looks ahead to upcoming activities. It’s an inside look at how legislative work affects our schools and students. If you’re an Education Minnesota member and don’t receive Capitol Connection but would like to, contact and put Capitol Connection in the subject line.

Connect with Hustle text alerts
Education Minnesota is launching a new texting platform, Hustle, which is a peer-to-peer mobile texting app. If you have given Education Minnesota your cellphone number, you may start receiving texts in regards to legislative issues that need your attention or action. If you receive a text, you will be able to write back and engage in a conversation about how to get involved and active.