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We track legislation, keep you informed and arm you with the resources you need to influence public policy.

Our Policy Action Center keeps you informed on important education issues, helps you find and track legislation, connects you with legislators and gives you the tools you need to be a successful education advocate. Learn more.

Find out what we're fighting for in St. Paul.

Summaries of our positions on various legislative issues

Latest news and updates from the 2018 legislative session.

Email your lawmakers using our Policy Action Center, plus contact information for state legislators and committee assignments.

Information to help you plan your day at the Capitol.

If you're an Education Minnesota member, don't miss this weekly summary of education news from the Capitol.

Bargaining is one way you have a voice in shaping your profession.

Resources for local bargaining teams, including recently-released runs from the 2017 Legislature, negotiations data and a contract search tool. View them in the members-only section.

Public education shouldn't be at the mercy of politics. But it is.

The 2018 election will have a profound impact not only on public education, but on our very future as a union. Sign up to volunteer!

Tell your story and ask questions of the candidates for Minnesota governor at one of our candidate roundtables.

Find out why we've endorsed math teacher and DFLer Julie Blaha for state auditor.

Find out why we've endorsed Steve Simon for secretary of state.

Education Minnesota's 2018 endorsements for state and federal offices.

Find out when early voting starts and other important dates.

Learn more about our Political Action Committee and find your representative!

Find your polling place, register to vote and more!

Learn more about this program to rally public support around decreasing the cost of college and making it easier and cheaper to pay student loan debt.

Sign up now to attend one of our Degrees, Not Debt lobby days during the 2018 Legislature.

Attend a Degrees, Not Debt training or schedule one in your local.

Learn how you can reduce what you owe.

There are many opportunities to make your voice heard on this critical issue!

Nothing is as powerful as your own experience -- sharing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to student debt.

Connect. Collaborate. Join one of our four Educator of Color Forums today!


F.I.R.E. is the Minnesota Educator Academy's Anti-Racism Program, and the acronym stands for Facing Inequities and Racism in Education.

Read Minnesota's ESSA plan.

What is ESSA and how did we get here?

Learn more about this new law and how it will affect you.

What will happen when?

The educators of Education Minnesota have adopted a set of principles to guide their advocacy to the Minnesota Department of Education and the Legislature as the state government creates a new system of school accountability and considers a transformational change in how the needs of schools are assessed.

Find out how you can help shape what ESSA looks like in Minnesota.

More information on ESSA.

Details about Education Minnesota's Educator Policy Innovation Center.

Read what EPIC has been working on.

Member engagement is crucial to the work we do. This is especially true for our newest members. Many of them are stepping into the classroom for the first time and are looking to their more veteran colleagues for tips, advice and guidance. The union can, and should, play a big role in fostering that relationship.

Here are some materials (in the members-only section) to help have one-on-one conversations and engage members on issues they care about from classroom management to the basics of teacher evaluation.

"Power of We" toolkit
It is no longer a matter of if Minnesota becomes a right-to-work state, but when. The "Power of We" drive will show districts, our students and our communities and each other that we are committed to working together to improve public education.

10-minute meeting toolkit
Use this toolkit to help plan a 10-minute meeting in your local on the threats to public education and labor unions.

Sample member engagement plan
Use these guided questions and sample member engagement plan to help you craft a plan for engaging members in your local.

Messaging toolkit and new member communications timeline
Local leaders can use this documents to help develop their member engagement plans and ongoing conversations with members. 

Value of Belonging resources and templates
These are member handouts that explain why belonging to Education Minnesota matters and other resources to help educators in the classroom.

Why "right to work" is bad for workers
Learn about why it's so important for educators and other public workers to stick together as corporate interests and newly-elected lawmakers try to destabilize labor unions.

Watch these videos to learn about why belonging to Education Minnesota matters and how the attack on unions hurts working families. 


Learn why it's so important for educators and other public workers to stick together as corporate interests and lawmakers try to destabilize labor unions.

Since the passage of Act 10 which eliminated collective bargaining rights for most Wisconsin public-sector workers, teachers have received far lower compensation; turnover rates have increased; and teacher experience has dropped significantly.

Iowa's collective bargaining law had been in place for 40 years. It was taken away in a matter of days.

Conservative foundations and think tanks will put an increased emphasis on attacking public sector unions and public schools after the Supreme Court makes its decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case. Here are some anti-worker, anti-public education groups to watch. 

Get the training and resources you need for effective union leadership -- all in one place!

Courses are offered in the following areas: Peer Review; Certified Negotiator Program (CNP) Parts I and II for teachers; Certified Negotiator Program (CNP) Parts I and II for ESPs; Member Rights Advocacy (MRA) Parts I, II and III; and Local and Community Action Teams (LCAT) Parts I and II. See our schedule for classes near you.

This revamped professional development program helps locals identify and prepare new and potential union leaders. Register online for the 2018 training at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph.

Education Minnesota will sponsor and pay for a limited number of members to attend the University of Minnesota Labor Education Service (LES) Minnesota Union Leadership Program.

Resources for local presidents, treasurers, membership chairs and more. View them in the members-only section.

ALCs can be a powerful way to mobilize fellow union workers to support political, organizing and issue-oriented campaigns in your community.

Learn how to affiliate your local union with your AFL-CIO area labor council.

Delegate forms, map of ALCs and RLFs, and list of locals by ALC/RLF

Information on the Minnesota groups