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At the Legislature

The decisions state legislators make affect your classroom, school and profession. State funding dictates what districts can do about class sizes, special education caseloads, even the condition of your building.

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What we do

Education Minnesota has paid lobbyists and hundreds of fellow Minnesota educators fighting for you at the Capitol, connecting with legislators and other state officials to ensure their voices are heard when decisions are made. We track legislation, keep you informed and arm you with the resources you need to influence public policy.

A lot of people think they know what’s best for students without asking educators. Your union gives you a seat at the table because educators know what’s best for students.

What we’re fighting for

Fully funding public education. Improving the living and working conditions for education support professionals. Raising teacher licensing standards. Protecting workplace freedoms.

The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced the idea that public schools are the bedrock of our communities. It has also shone a light on the glaring inequities our students and working families face every day in Minnesota, particularly people of color and low-income families.

Here are just some of the issues we’re prioritizing at the state Capitol:

A strong system of public schools, one that gives every Minnesota student an equal opportunity for success – no matter what they look like or where they come from – will strengthen our communities and improve the lives of children and their families.

Minnesota’s system of care and education for our youngest children is in urgent need of dramatic overhaul.

Everyone who works in public education deserves the same things. Respect for their contribution to the care and education of our students. Fair compensation for their work, including affordable health care. Safe working conditions. Unfortunately, most education support professionals (ESPs) across Minnesota don’t get enough of any of those.

Education Minnesota is working with dozens of community allies around the state on specific proposals to truly provide every student – no matter what they look like or where they come from – with racially just schools and educators who are culturally competent.

Educators care about more than their compensation. They want more control over the learning environments in their worksites and the future of their profession.

Get involved

The most effective advocates for public schools are you and your colleagues. Get involved!

Lobby Days

The most effective advocates for public schools in Minnesota are the front-line educators who guide our students toward successful lives every day, which is why Education Minnesota has made it easier than ever for members to participate in lobby days.

Take action

Click the links below to take action on the issues we’re fighting for at the Capitol!

Support the ESP Bill of Rights!

Everyone who works in public education deserves the same things. Unfortunately, most education support professionals don’t get enough respect in their schools, fair compensation for their work or safe working conditions. Sign our petition to urge the Minnesota Legislature to pass legislation benefitting these professionals.