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Our 2022 endorsement process

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As in 2018, Education Minnesota’s Political Action Committee, made up of members from throughout the state, voted to continue with our new, transparent and member-focused endorsement process.

Governor’s race

For the gubernatorial race, all candidates will be invited to participate in a process that requires them to:

  • Participate in a candidate forum, held virtually in January, which all members will be invited to attend.
  • Spend a full- or half-day shadowing educators at work.
  • Engage in roundtable conversations with educators.
  • Complete a candidate questionnaire, created by educators, that will be shared publicly, and
  • Participate in a screening interview with the Education Minnesota PAC board.

Candidate questionnaire

As in 2018, Education Minnesota members are invited submit questions for our candidate endorsement questionnaire, which will also be used in legislative and local races.

Candidate school visits

Members will also be able to submit their worksite for consideration to be the site for candidates to visit as part of the endorsement process.