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As a retired member, help build unity and increase the power of Education Minnesota to represent educators and advocate for a stronger public education through greater numbers.

If you retired after Sept. 1, 2015, and have been an Education Minnesota member for at least 10 years (does not have to be consecutive), you may qualify for retired membership at NO additional cost.*

If you do not meet the qualifications above, you still may be able to join Education Minnesota Retired through a paid membership. Download and return this form with your payment.

Benefits of retired membership

  • Continue access to Economic Services Inc. (ESI), NEA and AFT member benefit programs.
  • Stay connected with other retired colleagues through newsletters, regional events, and annual meetings.
  • Participate in Education Minnesota political action and legislative efforts on such important issues as pension benefits and retiree medical insurance.
  •  Assure quality education for future generations of Minnesota students.
  • Support Education Minnesota's ongoing efforts to assure quality working conditions as well as competitive salaries and benefits for school employees.
  • Maintain Educators Employment Liability Insurance (EEL) coverage when teaching as a day-to-day substitute in all public school districts in Minnesota.**

How do retired members benefit Education Minnesota?

Using their experience in education and their flexible schedules, retired members can help build power in the union by:

  • Volunteering and recruiting other members to engage in Education Minnesota campaign activities.
  • Serving as ambassadors for educators and the union with community service groups
  • Covering hearings and lobbying for Education Minnesota’s legislative agenda.

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*After Sept. 1, 2015, upon retirement from an employer, delineated in Article I, Section 1.a of the Education Minnesota Bylaws (a public or private school, college or university, a state residential school, or a public education entity), having attained the age of 55, is eligible to receive a pension, delineated in Article I. Section 1.A.3 of the Education Minnesota Retired Bylaws eligible to receive a pension from a public school employees’ retirement system, retirement system of a college or university, or other public or private retirement benefit from a school in Minnesota), and having been a member of Education Minnesota for at least ten years, the retiring member shall be provided retired membership of Education Minnesota, NEA and AFT at no additional charge. Requests for exceptions shall be appealed.

For members who retire and do not meet the continuous membership eligibility requirements, retired membership can still be purchased pursuant to the Education Minnesota Retired Constitution and Bylaws.  For more information, contact Matt Blewett,, 651-292-4877, 800-642-4624, 41 Sherburne Ave., St. Paul, MN 55103.

** Retired members who return to employment under a contractual relationship with an educational employer that places them in a licensed educator, faculty, or ESP bargaining unit (including long term substitute positions of more than 30 working days for licensed educators and more than 67 working days for ESPs) will be required to join as an active member in order to maintain eligibility for member-only benefits, including ESI, liability coverage, and certain types of legal representation. A person who chooses not to join as a member during the period of their assignment will be a potential member, and will be ineligible for member-only benefits during the period of their assignment. Upon completion of a retired member’s contractual assignment with an educational employer, they will convert back to retired status.