ESI benefits

Education Minnesota Economic Services Inc. (ESI) is at the forefront when it comes to providing top-quality member benefit programs. With more than 70,000 members and affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association,  ESI enhances the economic status of Education Minnesota and its 70,000 members by providing programs of exceptional value. 

What is ESI?

  • A Minnesota corporation affiliated with Education Minnesota, providing quality, comprehensive programs that are competitively priced and feature consumer-oriented service for Education Minnesota members. ESI is self-supporting; revenues provide benefits, service and consumer education for members. No dues are used to support ESI programs.
  • Created in 1973 as a subsidiary of Education Minnesota and as a venue to offer products and services to members, usually at a discounted rate.
  • We conduct rigorous research before sponsoring a product or service, and the ESI Board of Directors (made up of Education Minnesota members, officers and staff) meets annually to review our products and services. We sponsor only products and services that offer exceptional value and outstanding service to members. 

ESI programs

As you look through our programs, keep in mind that our ability to negotiate for services grows as more members use those services. As we demonstrate our group's buying power, our ability to develop even better programs grows.

By taking advantage of our programs you could save the cost of your dues!

Contact information

  • Office: 41 Sherburne Ave., St. Paul, MN 55103
  • Phone: 651-292-4856, 800-642-4624
  • Fax: 651-292-4815
  • Email: